The Digicard Key mobile application is now available for download for both iOS and Android. Download links are provided below.

The Digicard Key Network secures valued collectible items on blockchain by allowing users to claim ownership and prove that their items are in their hands. 

Using the Digicard Key mobile application, users can scan the NFC chip of tagged items to either view the item’s information, history of provenance, and source of origin of when and where that item was on-boarded to the network; or scan for ownership and item in hand status to record their own data to the blockchain. 

For privacy, safety, and legal reasons, no private information is ever displayed on the landing page.  Only, user Network IDs, and city with State are displayed with the time stamp of the scan.  Digicard Key does not sell or share any personal user data.

Items secured on the Digicard Key Network cannot be replicated, adding a high level of security for anti-counterfeiting.  

In addition to anti-counterfeiting security measures, Digicard Key’s process and sequence of allowable scans also help prevent and identify 


Digicard Key utilizes the VeChain Thor Blockchain to enable unprecedented value and data-transfer among a wide set of users in a trust-less manner, boosting the efficiency and authenticity of information transfer itself.

Digicard Key Mobile

Through the Digicard Key Mobile Application, items can be claimed through a series of standard processes and scans by the item’s owner. These standard processes ensure the integrity of the network.

NFC Technology

NFC technology coupled with the Digicard Key mobile application and sequence of processes, provides an increased layer of authenticity that is difficult to replicate. Adding to the data over time, a person verifying the item can feel confident the item in hand is the original.